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Quick Intro

Bama Bingo Online emerges as a standout among online gaming applications, offering a free-to-download platform. It is akin to the widely recognized Golden Hearts Games or Bingo Port or the best Pulsz Bingo, distinguishing itself as a charitable social casino. Initially established as a terrestrial bingo hall, it provided an array of traditional bingo, progressive jackpots, and unique promotional games. While its digital counterpart diverges by not featuring bingo, it compensates by offering an assortment of casino-style games that allow participants to vie for cash prizes and tangible rewards.

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2021
  • 🏢 Company: Beam LLC.
  • 💳 Reload Methods: Visa, Mastercard, In-app purchases, PayPal
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Withdrawal: N/A
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: N/A
  • 🎰 Games: slots, bingo

Bama Casino Online

No Deposit Bonus 

Pros & Cons


  • Charitable Aspect: Directly supports the Raymond Austin Memorial Foundation, adding a philanthropic value to gameplay.
  • Unique Gaming Experience: Offers a unique mix of casino-style games without traditional bingo, tailored for those looking for variety.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The app is easily accessible on both Android and iOS devices, plus a web app feature for seamless online play.
  • Promotional Offers: Provides bonus codes and generous donation packages with Complimentary Points and Bingo Strips, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Legal and Secure: Operates under the auspices of a licensed nonprofit organization, ensuring a legal and secure gaming environment for players 21 and over.


  • Limited Game Selection: With only 13 slot games, the variety is somewhat restricted compared to larger online casinos.
  • No Real Money Gambling: The platform doesn’t allow for real money deposits or winnings, limiting the appeal for those seeking monetary gains.
  • Physical Redemption Required: Real money payouts require in-person redemption, potentially inconvenient for some players.

Is Bama Bingo Online Legit?

When determining the credibility of a gaming platform, conducting a thorough background investigation is crucial. Bama Bingo was founded through the initiatives of the Raymond Austin Memorial Foundation, aiming to offer bingo entertainment predominantly to Alabama's residents. This nonprofit organization's mission to enhance the well-being of children and young adults in Greene County is backed by a license under the state constitution, affirming Bama Bingo's legal standing. Adherence to Alabama's legal framework ensures that only individuals aged 21 and over are eligible to participate in the games offered by Bama Bingo.

Bama Bingo Online Legitimacy

Bama Bingo Online Legitimacy

Understanding the Operations of Bama Bingo Online

Bama Bingo Online was inaugurated with the support of the Raymond Austin Memorial Foundation for Rural Advancement and Development, embodying more than your average social casino. It thrives on charitable contributions towards the foundation, inviting users to indulge in various online slots within a social casino setting. Whether engaging for sheer enjoyment or in pursuit of real money rewards, the platform provides a fulfilling gaming experience.

Contributions by players are rewarded with Complimentary Points, credited to their account for exclusive use within Bama Bingo Online's gaming universe. These points, devoid of external value, fuel gameplay on the platform. Accumulated points through gameplay augment your Points Won/Earned Points balance, available for redemption on-site or reinvestment into further gaming. In addition to these points, a Complimentary Bingo Strip is provided post-donation for use at the Alabama-based land bingo hall, enhancing the gaming experience.

No Deposit Bonus at Bama Bingo Online

At Bama Bingo Online, the concept of a no deposit bonus is not part of their promotional repertoire. Instead, participants are encouraged to make a donation to receive Complimentary Points, which serve as the gateway to diving into the assortment of Bama Bingo games available.

Promo Codes & Generous Bonuses

While the absence of a no deposit bonus might seem disappointing, Bama Bingo Online compensates with an array of enticing bonus codes. Newcomers are greeted with the opportunity to enhance their first donation with a bonus by applying the code WELCOME at the time of checkout. The casino retains the discretion to allocate bonus Points without a predefined value, introducing an element of surprise and excitement typical of social casinos. This approach is likened to opening a surprise box, where the anticipation enriches the overall gaming experience.

Bama Bingo Online App

Bama Bingo caters to the mobile gaming community, with its application available on both Play Store and App Store. Installing this casino app is as straightforward as any other gaming application for Android or iOS devices.

Furthermore, Bama Bingo introduces a web app feature for online site users, enabling home screen addition for seamless, one-tap access. This feature is accessible via the latest versions of Chrome or Safari browsers, streamlining your online casino experience.

Bama Bingo Online App

Bama Bingo Online App

Creating an Account with Bama Bingo Online

To dive into online play, initiating a Bama Bingo account is requisite. Follow these five straightforward steps for account creation:

Navigate to the official Bama Bingo website and select “Play Now.” Proceed to “Register” on the ensuing page, where a simplified registration procedure awaits. Here, you're prompted to input your full name, email address, and create a password. Post-registration, a verification link dispatched to your email finalizes the ownership confirmation, allowing casino access. However, verifying your US phone number is essential for unrestricted access.

Contributing to the Cause
A minimum donation of $10 is solicited on this platform, rewarding donors with Complimentary Points and a Bingo Strip for physical venue enjoyment.

Engage in Gameplay
Utilize your Complimentary Points to explore Bama Bingo Online's extensive game repertoire.

Bama Bingo Online Sign Up

Bama Bingo Online Sign Up

Bama Bingo Games

Bama Bingo is traditionally recognized for its bingo and slots offerings. However, the digital platform narrows its focus to a select collection of slots, exclusively powered by Wild Ruby—a name that might not ring bells for many as it's a social casino provider nestled in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The game library, though modest with only 13 titles, impressively spans a broad spectrum of themes and levels of volatility, from the sweetness of candy themes to the mystique of ancient Egyptian settings, and from patriotic American themes to spooky Halloween vibes, Aztec adventures, and underwater explorations. This diversity mirrors the variety seen in leading sweepstakes casinos, providing an eclectic mix for every taste.

Among the mix, players will find both traditional 3×3 slots and contemporary 5-reel slots, catering to a wide range of preferences. Whether you're inclined towards the low-variance delights of Golden Scarab Spin or the high-variance thrills of Candy Cash Spin, Bama Bingo Online offers a tailored gaming experience. Featured titles include Pool Party Ducky, Pot of Gold, Harvest Spins, Candy Cash Spin, and Buffalo Wild, each promising unique adventures and opportunities for fun.

Game Library at Bama Bingo Online App

Game Library at Bama Bingo Online App

Guidelines for Adding Funds to Your Bama Bingo Online Casino Account

At Bama Bingo Online Casino, the traditional concept of a real money deposit doesn't apply as it is not a conventional real money gambling platform. Instead, your engagement in the casino's games is facilitated through the use of Bama Bingo Points. To acquire these Complimentary Points, patrons are encouraged to make donations to the Raymond Austin Memorial Foundation (RAMF), which can easily be done via the website.

The donation packages available are tiered to suit various levels of contribution, each offering a corresponding amount of Complimentary Points and a Complimentary Bingo Strip, enhancing the gaming experience. The tiers include:

  • Basic Package: For a $10 donation, receive 1000 Complimentary Points plus 1 Complimentary Bingo Strip.
  • Starter Package: A $20 donation grants you 2000 Complimentary Points alongside 1 Complimentary Bingo Strip.
  • Player Package: With a $50 donation, get 5000 Complimentary Points and 1 Complimentary Bingo Strip.
  • High Roller Package: A generous $100 donation rewards you with 10,000 Complimentary Points and 1 Complimentary Bingo Strip.

Donations can be made securely using PayPal and Credit Cards, emphasizing that transactions must originate from personal accounts to ensure transparency and compliance. Upon successful transaction verification, your account with Bama Bingo Online will be promptly updated with the points.

Real Money Payouts at Bama Bingo

For those aspiring to win real money, Bama Bingo offers a unique avenue to pursue this goal. While Complimentary Points serve as non-redeemable currency for gameplay, it is the Earned Points that hold the potential for real money winnings. Given Alabama's restrictions on real money gambling, Bama Bingo presents a distinctive model for enjoying casino-style games with the possibility of securing real money rewards.

However, the process for claiming these rewards does not occur online. Winners are required to visit the physical location to redeem their prizes, specifically during designated redemption hours on Wednesdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The brick-and-mortar venue also hosts bingo games, where your Complimentary Bingo Strip can be utilized for real winnings.

Customer Support at Bama Bingo Online

Bama Bingo Online prides itself on exceptional customer support, ensuring players have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. With a dedicated team available through various channels, including email and a direct contact form on their website, Bama Bingo Online provides prompt and efficient assistance for any inquiries or issues, reflecting their commitment to player satisfaction and support.

Final Thoughts

Bama Bingo Online offers a distinctive blend of charitable giving and gaming entertainment. Its support for the Raymond Austin Memorial Foundation provides a unique philanthropic twist to the social casino scene. While the limited selection of games and the absence of real money gambling might narrow its appeal, the platform still offers a meaningful way to enjoy gaming while contributing to a worthy cause. For those interested in a socially responsible way to play, Bama Bingo Online presents an intriguing option.

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