BGaming Collaborates with CasinoLytics for Data-Inspired Slot Game Aztec Clusters

Quick Intro

Leading iGaming content provider BGaming is making waves in the online slot world with its groundbreaking release, Aztec Clusters. This game, born from a pioneering partnership with the advanced Casinolytics AI platform, introduces an innovative 8×6 slot experience that draws heavily on the preferences and gameplay habits of online streamers.

Unveiling Aztec Clusters: A Streamer-Centric Slot Experience

Over a meticulous 18-month period, Casinolytics has embarked on an extensive research journey, delving into the behaviors, emotions, and styles of play that define streamers. This research, which analyzed over 10,000 hours of streaming data, uncovered a clear preference among streamers for games that challenge them, offer a sense of progression, and provide opportunities for significant wins. Responding to these insights, Aztec Clusters is engineered to captivate, offering players the chance to secure a staggering max win of x10,000 across all game modes, whether it's the base game, the Wild Spin feature, or through any level of bonus purchase, complete with dynamic, randomized features.

The game introduces cluster mechanics with refilling reels, a novel Dig-up feature, and versatile options for Buy Bonus and Wild Spins, all designed to foster a vibrant, high-energy gaming experience streamers crave. The Cell Multiplier feature is particularly innovative; winning clusters not only mark cells but incrementally increase multipliers from x2 up to a maximum of x10. These multipliers are applied to all winning clusters within a spin, merging their values for even bigger wins, and they persist until the round concludes.

Casinolytics' research also highlighted the streamers' appetite for landing substantial multipliers. Aztec Clusters meets this demand head-on with Sticky Wilds that not only fill empty cells but also substitute for all symbols except Booster and Destroyer symbols, adding layers of unpredictability and excitement. When Sticky Wilds enhance a cell with a multiplier, an extra x10 multiplier is added, continuing throughout the spin sequence. Moreover, as part of the game's progression dynamics, additional multipliers can accumulate with each win, reaching up to x100.

A Game Crafted with Streamers in Mind

By integrating the defining attributes of top-performing casino slots favored by Casinolytics' streaming community, BGaming has meticulously crafted Aztec Clusters to resonate with both streamers and players. Every aspect of the game, from its immersive soundtrack and the timing of its features to its visually stunning graphics, has been tailored to align with streamer preferences.

Aliaksei Ptukha, Game Designer at BGaming, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Casinolytics by launching Aztec Clusters, an industry-first in the cluster game genre. With cluster games gaining traction since 2022, Aztec Clusters stands out as an essential title for platforms aiming to engage the streaming community.”

He added, “This game breaks new ground by being the first to utilize insights from over 10,000 hours of dedicated research into streamer behavior, underscoring our dedication to developing games driven by player feedback and preferences.”

The collaboration between BGaming and Casinolytics, centered on understanding and catering to the unique needs of streamers, has culminated in the creation of Aztec Clusters. This slot not only prioritizes the streaming community's requirements but also sets a new standard in player-focused game development, promising an unmatched slot experience that's both engaging and rewarding.