Bingo Blitz Rolls Out $1 Million Super Bowl Sweepstakes

Quick Intro

Playtika's Bingo Blitz, collaborating with ex-NFL star Kurt Warner, introduces a $1 million sweepstakes linked to the upcoming Super Bowl on February 11. This unique promotion offers the jackpot if a team records eight sacks, a feat surpassing the current record.

VentureBeat highlights this as a blend of major sports events and casual gaming, noting Playtika's strategic move to attract attention without investing in costly Super Bowl ads.

Participation Details

U.S. football fans can join the Bingo Blitz Big Game sweepstakes by downloading the app and registering for free by February 10. Using BingoBlitzBigGame on social media, participants can express their enthusiasm. If the sack record is broken, the winner will be announced in mid-February.

Eligibility requires being 21 or older and residing in the U.S. The challenge is to beat the seven-sack record set by Los Angeles in February 2022. Notably, five teams achieved eight or more sacks in the 2023 season.

The NFL's Official Game Summary will confirm the sack count, with the grand prize awarded for eight or more sacks in the Super Bowl.

Impact of the Sweepstakes on Fans and Gaming

This sweepstakes marks a significant moment in merging sports excitement with digital gaming. It's not just a promotional tool; it's an innovative way to engage both football fans and gamers, creating a bridge between two diverse but passionate communities. This event underscores the evolving landscape of entertainment, where digital interactions and traditional sports experiences are increasingly intertwined. As fans across the U.S. eagerly anticipate the Super Bowl, this sweepstakes adds an extra layer of excitement, offering a chance to win big while enjoying the thrill of the game.