ELK Studio Launches Rogue Rats of Nitropolis Slot Game

Quick Intro

In the desolate landscapes of Nitropolis, the Rogue Rats are on a relentless quest for Nitro, sabotaging the Nitropolis Police Department by targeting their vehicles and headquarters. This perilous adventure unfolds in “Rogue Rats of Nitropolis,” a slot game that pushes the boundaries with its innovative CollectR™ mechanic, offering players symbol upgrades, progressive multipliers, instant coin wins, a Max Win coin, along with engaging bonus and super bonus games, boasting a potential win of up to 25,000 times the bet.
It would be great if one day we see ELK Studio integrated in some sweepstakes casinos.
In my opinion ELK offers one of the most interesting and high volatility slot games.

Engage in the Thrilling Bonus Rounds

Unlock the free spins bonus round by collecting two bonus symbols, while securing a super bonus symbol alongside the trigger launches the super bonus game, enhancing every free spin with a Nitro fuel surge.

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis Super Bonus

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis Super Bonus

Dive Deep into Game Dynamics

Explore the Infinite Game Grid
The game's hero, the rat, navigates an endless grid, gathering payout symbols matching the vehicle's color and any feature symbols within its sight.

Fuel Up with Nitro
Gathering payout symbols and targeting feature symbols fills the rat's Nitro gauge, essential for movement. A full gauge means extra fuel for extended gameplay.

Encounter Diverse Feature Symbols

  • New Vehicle: A shift in color to gather new payout symbols.
  • Nitro Blob: Enhances symbols for increased value.
  • Missile Silo: Broadens the rat's view, revealing more symbols.
  • Coins: Grants instant coin wins for immediate rewards.

Boost Through NDP Radar
Amplify the global multiplier, increasing win potential with every hit.

Leverage X-iter™ Modes

X-iter™ feature propels players directly into heightened gameplay with five distinct modes, ranging from a 3x bet enhancing bonus trigger odds to a 500x bet Super Bonus game, ensuring a Nitro Fuel Boost on each spin for unparalleled excitement.

“Rogue Rats of Nitropolis” not only introduces an expansive set of features but also immerses players in a post-apocalyptic narrative, making every spin a step closer to untold riches. This game is a testament to innovation, offering an intricate blend of strategy, thrill, and potentially massive rewards.