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Lava Slots App

Quick Intro

Lava Slots, designed for those who adore Vegas-style slot machines, offers an engaging experience with its array of bonuses, free coins, and massive jackpots. The great part is that it's free to play without any deposit required. This overview will delve into how to secure Lava Slots free coins and strategies for earning free plays.

Launched in 2019 by TOFUN, a renowned developer of social casino gaming apps, Lava Slots is a social casino app that immerses players in the excitement of playing Vegas-style slot machines purely for entertainment. This app, despite featuring in-app purchases, generously provides various opportunities to earn free coins. These include frequent coin giveaways every 15 to 30 minutes, hourly gift box coins, Pachinko coins every three days, daily free spins, and substantial jackpots. With these rewards, players can indulge in over 140 classic slot machines crafted by experienced Vegas casino professionals.

In this detailed guide, I will explore all the avenues for acquiring free coins and jackpots in Lava Slots, covering both no-deposit and real-money purchase bonuses. You'll also learn about the types of casino games where these bonuses can be utilized, plus tips for maximizing free coin wins and enhancing your enjoyment on the Lava Slots app.

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2023
  • 🏢 Company: N/A
  • 💳 Reload Methods: App Store, Google Play Store
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Withdrawal: N/A
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: N/A
  • 🎰 Games: Slots

Lava Slots App

Free Coins & Free Play

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive Game Collection: Offers over 140 diverse slot machine games, each featuring unique themes, high-quality graphics, and animations.
  • Regular Free Coins: Provides numerous opportunities to earn free coins, including daily login bonuses, Pachinko bonuses, and Red and Blue Scratch rewards.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplified registration process and an intuitive app design make it easy for both new and regular players to navigate and enjoy the games.


  • In-App Purchases: While free play is encouraged, the app offers in-app purchases, which might prompt players to spend money to acquire additional coins.
  • Limited Real-Money Interaction: As a social casino app, it does not offer options to cash out or win real money, focusing solely on entertainment.
  • Age Restrictions: The app is restricted to users aged 17 and above, limiting access for younger audiences who might be interested in casual gaming.
  • Device Compatibility: Requires specific system requirements (Android 5.0/iOS 11 or newer), which may not be compatible with older devices.

Legitimacy of Lava Slots

Based on my extensive experience, Lava Slots emerges as a secure and legitimate gaming app. Personal information exposure is limited and entirely optional, only occurring if you choose to link your Facebook account or mobile number. The app's design includes multiple access points to customer support and robust social media engagement, reinforcing its reliability.

Exploring TOFUN's official website reveals a well-optimized platform complete with contact details and office address, further cementing the developer's credibility. TOFUN, renowned for other successful social casino apps, boasts a strong track record of thousands of downloads accompanied by positive user ratings and reviews.


Welcome Bonuses

Lava Slots rolls out the red carpet for new players, offering a whopping 10,000,000 free coins immediately after the first installation. To avail of this no-deposit bonus, simply download the app, launch it on your device, and a pop-up window will present you with this generous reward.

Daily Bonus
Lava Slots values consistent players by providing a minimum of 10,000,000 free coins daily through a login promotion. To claim your daily reward, open the app each day and accept the coins from the pop-up window. It's important to note that this bonus is claimable once per day during your first login.

Pachinko Bonus
Engage with the Lava Slots Pachinko bonus by playing the designated slot game for three consecutive days. Successfully doing so entitles you to a x250 Pachinko bonus, claimable from the “Lava Bonus” section located on the home page's bottom left.

Red Scratch
Every three hours, the “Scratch and Win” Red Scratch card offers a chance to win up to 25,000,000 free coins. Access this opportunity by visiting the “Lava Bonus” section and clicking the “Claim” button associated with the Red Scratch card.

Blue Scratch
The Blue Scratch bonus, similar in process to the Red Scratch, rewards players with up to 10,000,000 free coins every 15 minutes. Just like the Red Scratch, you can claim this bonus through the “Lava Bonus” section.

Slot of the Day Jackpot
The exhilarating Slot of the Day Jackpot offers up to 50,000,000 free coins. To access this jackpot, visit the “Lava Bonus” section, but keep in mind that you must achieve the Red Scratch five times to unlock access to the Slot of the Day and be eligible for this bonus.

Lava Slots App Free Bonuses

Lava Slots App Free Bonuses

Lava Slots Free Coins & Real Money Purchase Bonuses

Lava Slots, while a social casino app primarily for fun, offers the option to buy coins through in-app purchases. This feature doesn't imply real-money gambling or cashouts, but it's a convenient way to replenish your coin supply or support the app developers.

These in-app purchases are optional and range from fixed deals to seasonal or limited-time offers. For those looking to enhance their gaming experience with additional coins, the Lava Slots app facilitates easy purchases directly within the app. To make a purchase, ensure your payment method, like a credit/debit card or PayPal, is connected to your App Store/Google Play Store or the device's “Wallet” app.

1st Time Special Offer
For new users, Lava Slots extends a one-time special offer, presented as a pop-up upon initial app access. This offer can be revisited anytime from the “Special” button on the homepage. The current deal provides a whopping 135,000,000 coins for just $1.99.

Buying Coins
Ran out of coins? No problem. Head to the “Buy Coins” section for a variety of coin packages, starting as low as $1.99 for 11,250,000 coins, and scaling up to $49.99 for 405,000,000 coins. These packages come with additional perks like VIP points, Lucky Stamps, and Speedys.

Money Bank
The “Money Bag” feature in Lava Slots accumulates coins as you level up, available for purchase in the “Money Bank” section, conveniently located on the homepage's bottom right corner.

Weekly Card
Keep an eye out for Lava Slots' seasonal and temporary promotions, such as the Week Card Carnival. For only $0.99, this 7-day offer includes up to 45,000,000 coins, diamonds, free spins, and mystery gifts, redeemable daily from your inbox.

VIP Free Coins
Advancing through the VIP levels is surprisingly straightforward. Simple gameplay like 50 spins can elevate your status, unlocking 150,000 free Lava Slots coins. Plus, exploring the app's tips and events can further boost your coin tally.

Inviting Friends
Lava Slots encourages friend referrals with a generous 270 million free coins bonus for both you and your friends, simply by sharing and using referral codes.

Lava Slots App Purchase Coins

Lava Slots App Purchase Coins

Securing Free Coins on Lava Slots

Interested in enjoying inventive slot machines while accumulating thousands of free coins daily? Here's your comprehensive guide:

Eligibility Requirements
Unlike real-money gambling, which often requires players to be 21+, social casino apps like Lava Slots are accessible to adults 18 and above. This is due to the absence of real-money withdrawal possibilities. Lava Slots is labeled as suitable for 17+ on both App Store and Google Play Store and requires age verification for download.

Downloading Lava Slots on iOS and Android

The Lava Slots app caters to both Android and iOS users. To download:

  1. For Android Devices:
  2. Open Google Play Store.
  3. Search for “Lava Slots – Casino Games”.
  4. Click “Install” next to the app.
  5. Wait for the installation before launching the app.

This comprehensive guide aims to enhance your Lava Slots experience by outlining the diverse ways to acquire free coins and understanding the app’s features for maximum gaming enjoyment.

Downloading Lava Slots on iPhones and iPads is equally straightforward, involving these steps:

  1. Open your device's App Store.
  2. Type “Lava Slots™- Casino Games” in the search bar for precise results.
  3. Click the download button adjacent to the app.
  4. Authenticate the download with your Face ID or password for added security.
  5. Patiently wait for the download and installation to complete before you embark on your gaming journey.

Before initiating the download, it's advisable to check if your iOS device meets the app's system requirements (iOS 11 or newer). Additionally, staying updated with the app’s latest versions is crucial. Regular updates from the developer not only introduce new slot machines and features but also ensure a smoother and more engaging gaming experience.

Lava Slots App for Android & IOS

Lava Slots App for Android & IOS

Registration Process

Lava Slots streamlines its registration process, avoiding lengthy forms. Upon opening the app, you're presented with two straightforward options:

  • Linking the app to your Facebook profile for a more integrated experience.
  • Opting to play as a guest, offering flexibility and privacy.
  • Even as a guest player, you can later opt to connect the app to Facebook, potentially earning bonus coins for this action.

Diverse Array of Casino Games & Slots

Lava Slots opens up a world of over 140 slot machines, each accessible from the main menu. These games stand out with their high-quality graphics, engaging animations, and diverse themes ranging from aristocratic elegance to ancient civilizations or wildlife adventures.

Each slot game is enhanced with unique features like wilds, scatters, free games, and bonus rounds, raising the stakes for big wins. The majority of slots present a standard 5-reel layout with 3 or 4 rows, although specific payline details remain undisclosed. Betting stakes range from a minimum of 100,000 coins to a maximum of 500,000 coins, with higher bets increasing the odds of lucrative returns in bonus modes.

The app's slot collection is impressively varied, ensuring each game offers a distinct set of symbols, bonuses, and gameplay elements to maintain constant player engagement.

Final Thoughts

Lava Slots stands out as a compelling social casino app offering a Vegas-style slot machine experience. With its generous bonuses, including a substantial welcome offer and daily free coins, it caters to both new and regular players. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a diverse range of over 140 slot games, ensures an enjoyable gaming session. While the focus is on fun rather than real-money gambling, its variety of in-app purchases offers additional play options. The app’s legitimacy and security, reinforced by its developer TOFUN's strong industry reputation, make it a trustworthy choice for casino game enthusiasts.

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