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Quick Intro

Moonspin Social Casino has recently stepped onto the U.S. sweepstakes scene, creating a significant stir with its attractive no-deposit offers and varied avenues for securing free entries. Although it's a fresh face in the industry, its game collection could benefit from some expansion.
A notable aspect of Moonspin.us is the hassle-free bonus system. Players can easily claim their bonuses and promotions without the need for any elusive promo codes or chasing down specific links for free sweeps and GCs.

Moonspin.us offers a unique gaming experience, particularly for those weary of the rising trend of dubious slots that seem to be proliferating among newer sweepstakes platforms. Games like Crash, Chart, Dice, Hi-Lo, Limbo, and the distinctive “When Moon Bro” are all touted as “provably fair” offerings. However, the straightforwardness of these games might not appeal to all. While they might be framed as “fair,” many casino enthusiasts might not find the simplistic choice between outcomes like 1 or 2 particularly thrilling.

In the following analysis, we'll dive deeper into the world of Moonspin.us Casino, exploring its core offerings, guiding you on how to seize its bonuses, and if Moonspin doesn't resonate with your gaming preferences, we'll point you towards some renowned sweepstakes casino alternatives for a richer experience.

Quick Facts

  • ✍️ Established: 2023
  • 🏢 Company: Darius Cubed Technology Limited
  • 💳 Reload Methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, XRP, Doge, USDT
  • 🪙 Min. Amount Rademtption: $30
  • ⏲️ Redeem Times: Instant
  • 🎰 Games: slots, Video poker, Crash games, Arcade games, Limbo, When Moon Bro

Moonspin Casino

🎁 Free 1,000 GC & 1 Moon Coin No Deposit Bonus

No deposit offer

Pros & Cons


  • Stunning and intuitive user interface
  • Distinctive and easy-to-navigate games
  • Offers payouts in the form of gift cards, merchandise, and cryptocurrencies
  • Generous no-deposit bonus offer
  • Continuous updates and improvements


  • Absence of classic table games
  • Limited information available about the proprietor
  • Not that many slot games

Is Moonspin Casino Legit?

Moonspin Casino, a recent entrant in the online gaming world, has been generating buzz for its unique game offerings and significant bonuses. Although it's still establishing its footprint, early interactions reveal a responsive support system, with both email and live chat options available for users. While its newer status might raise questions, the casino has provided transparency through its informative Blog section. As with any online platform, potential users should exercise caution and conduct thorough research, but initial indications suggest that Moonspin is making genuine efforts to build a trustworthy reputation.

Moonspin Casino License

Moonspin Casino License

Moonspin Casino No Deposit Bonus

Moonspin Casino, a recent addition to the sweepstakes scene in the U.S., immediately garnered attention from online gamers by boasting a substantial no-deposit bonus and multiple gateways to free entries. While it has much to offer in terms of bonuses and unique features, the spectrum of games could be more expansive.

Bright side: Moonspin.us ensures that all its promotions and bonus offers come hassle-free, with no need for promo codes or scavenging for elusive promo links to avail free sweeps and GCs.

Though Moonspin.us might not have an expansive gaming roster, it provides a refreshing experience, especially for those weary of questionable slots increasingly common in emerging sweepstakes casinos.

Their offerings, including Crash, Chart, Dice, Hi-Lo, Limbo, and the exclusive “When Moon Bro” games, are endorsed as “provably fair.” However, their linear gameplay might not resonate with everyone, even if they uphold fairness. Despite the simplicity, not every casino enthusiast might find betting on limited outcomes particularly engaging.

In this comprehensive overview, we'll unpack everything Moonspin.us Casino brings to the table, highlight its standout features, guide you through bonus claims, and even suggest some alternative sweepstakes casinos if Moonspin doesn't match your preferences.

Moonspin No Deposit Bonus

Moonspin No Deposit Bonus

The Gaming Suite at Moonspin.us Casino

One critique of Moonspin is its limited game selection. True, innovation is appealing, but casino enthusiasts often cherish the familiar thrill of spinning reels, aligning scatter symbols, and the allure of potential jackpots.

Moonspin takes a different approach. With only seven non-slot games, it may seem limited, but these games, such as Crash, When Moon Bro, Chart, Dice, Hi-Lo, Limbo, and Wheel of Fortune, exude charm and are crafted to perfection. The games are visually appealing and straightforward, sharing many common features. For those seeking a more traditional slot experience, you might want to explore platforms like Sweeptastic, WOW Vegas, Pulsz.com, or Stake.us.

Moonspin Casino Games and Software

Moonspin recently enriched its game suite with over 70 slots from GameArt. These slots offer a blend of captivating graphics and standard features like wilds, scatters, and free spins. Their thematic range is vast, but groundbreaking mechanics or exceptional RTPs might be amiss. Some notable titles at Moonspin.us encompass:

  • Pirate Queen
  • Golden Sheila
  • Mariachi Party
  • Wolf’s Quest
  • Coins of Luck
  • El Bisonte
  • Egyptian Book
  • Farm Ville
  • Atlantis Warrior
  • Crash Gaming
  • Mariachi Party

Moonspin Game Library

Crash Gaming Unveiled

Moonspin's Crash Game transports players into a simulated financial market crash scenario. An upward-trending line, starting at a humble 1x, meanders to the screen's far end, striving to hit specified multiplier markers. Here's the catch: your wagers, whether in GCs or MCs, hinge on these multipliers.

Crash Game

Imagine tapping a “4.33xmultiplier. The line needs to sail up to that point for a victory. Success translates to your bet being amplified by 4.33x. So, a bet of 100 GCs would balloon to 433 GCs. Intriguingly, Crash is a real-time game, featuring live bets from players. When a multiplier becomes a player's choice, it's grayed out for others. So, sit back and observe others' strategies for a few rounds before diving in.

The “When Moon Bro” Experience

Moonspin's Crash finds its twin in “When Moon Bro” – the similarities are striking, save for their distinct graphical elements. In this version, players watch a car soaring to the moon, aiming for multipliers. Those finding Crash a tad monotonous might have a similar sentiment here.

A strategic tip: when one lobby gets crowded, flit between “Crash” and “When Moon Bro” to keep your gaming experience fluid and unhurried.

Analyzing the Chart Game

Sharing its core with the previous two, Chart sets itself apart through its visual representation. Instead of a simple line or a car, we witness candlestick patterns showcasing an asset's hypothetical price fluctuations.

A unique aspect? Chart picks up from its last data point each round. Players also get the choice to bet on either “short” or “long” jumps, adding a layer of strategy.

The Dice Dilemma

Moonspin's Dice offers a twist, quite distinct from traditional sweepstakes casino dice games. It's the anticipation that stands out; players get a glimpse of the potential winning probability before the dice rolls. However, despite this novelty, it operates on a “bet under” premise. Here's a pro-tip: a higher bet under number means a higher chance to win, but at a lower payout.

Highs and Lows of Hi-Lo

“High-Low” is a title in Moonspin's arsenal that might not be everyone's cup of tea. Reminiscent of the “Gamble” feature in slots like A Night With Cleo by Rival Gaming, this game might lack the charm to captivate all.


Venturing into Limbo

Imagine “When Moon Bro” as a solitary player's paradise, and you get Limbo. Watch a spaceship's journey to the moon, and make your bet. A distinguishing feature lets players input their preferred target multiplier.

The Wheel of Fortune's Spin

Moonspin's “Spin The Wheel” game is not your regular roulette. It empowers players with choices. They can decide the wheel's segment count, from 10 up to 50, and control the risk level, which in turn defines the color gradient and multipliers on the wheel. The Wheel of Fortune shines with its customizable settings, enhancing the player's strategic involvement.

How to Create an Account

To dive into Moonspin's gaming universe and avail its bonuses, you need an authenticated account. Here's a quick walkthrough:

  1. Navigate to Moonspin.us.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” for account creation.
  3. Use your email to register, set a password, or opt for WalletConnect/Meta Mask.
  4. Post-account creation, verifying your email is crucial. At times, Moonspin might seek additional verifications, like ID proofs or utility bills.
Moonspin Casino Registration Form

Moonspin Casino Registration Form

Delving into Moonspin's Purchase and Redemption Dynamics

Moonspin.us staunchly upholds the principle of “no obligatory purchases to play.” Upon registration, you're greeted with a significant stash of free gold coins and a Moon Coin. Besides, daily logins, mail-ins, and other promotions provide avenues to earn more. If you exhaust your complimentary credits, you can purchase additional gold coins directly from the website.

Cashing Out at Moonspin Casino

Analyzing Moonspin’s T&C reveals a sole, straightforward rule for redeeming sweeps – a 3x rollover requirement. For instance, if you gather 10 Moon Coins, a minimum of 30 MCs in your account is mandatory for redemption.

The exchange rate is competitive, mirroring popular platforms like WOW Vegas or Pulsz.com – 1 moon coin equals $1. Furthermore, Moonspin offers redemption flexibility, allowing choices between gift cards, cryptocurrencies, or exclusive merchandise.

Customer Support

In our extensive testing phase of Moonspin's gaming experience and bonus structures, we initially reached out to [email protected] via email. It was only later that we realized there was a Live Chat function available, albeit somewhat hidden from immediate view.

This live chat feature is accessible exclusively for registered members. For those yet to create an account, the chatbot prompts for essential details like your full name and email. You can also opt to link through Google or Facebook. Once done, you can then choose a relevant topic and type your message.

Given that Moonspin is a relatively new player in the field, the absence of a full-fledged help center didn't astonish us. Nevertheless, we found the Blog section resourceful, answering most of our queries.

Final Thoughts on Moonspin Casino

Moonspin Casino, having recently emerged on the U.S. sweepstakes scene, presents an intriguing blend of generous bonuses, unique games, and responsive customer support. While its game library may benefit from expansion, its user-friendly approach to bonuses is commendable. The platform's transparent nature, especially evident in its Blog section, is a plus. However, as with any newer platform, players should remain vigilant and informed. The potential Moonspin offers is undeniably promising, but only time will cement its standing in the industry.

Sites Like Moonspin Casino:

Is Moonspin Casino new in the market?

  • Yes, Moonspin Casino is a recent entrant in the U.S. sweepstakes scene.

Do I need promo codes to avail bonuses on Moonspin?

  • No, Moonspin offers bonuses without the necessity for promo codes.

What type of games does Moonspin offer?

Moonspin has unique games like Crash, Chart, Dice, and “When Moon Bro”, among others.

Is there a dedicated customer support center for Moonspin?

  • While there isn't a dedicated help center, they offer a responsive email and live chat support system.

Can I redeem my Moon Coins for real-world items?

  • Yes, Moon Coins can be redeemed for gift cards, cryptocurrency, or exclusive merchandise.

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