Play'n GO Launches Piranha Pays A New Slot Game

Quick Intro

On March 21, 2024, Play’n GO introduced players to an underwater world brimming with danger and excitement in their newest slot game, Piranha Pays. This game offers players a dive into a tank teeming with the notoriously sharp-toothed piranhas, presenting a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Piranha Pays: A Deep Dive Adventure

Piranha Pays is crafted as a 5×4 slot adventure, unlocking a gateway to 30 paylines that can expand into a more extensive 5×8 layout, offering up to 20 additional chances to win. This game not only promises thrilling gameplay but also invites players to uncover the treasures hidden within the fearsome domain of the piranhas. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mega Don (2022) and Boat Bonanza (2022), the game features a cartoonish yet menacing aquatic environment, complete with voracious fish and enticing aquatic escapades.

Features and Gameplay

Despite the lurking dangers, daring players could find themselves amidst Instant Prizes and Piranha Wilds lurking in the depths. Piranha Pays is enriched with features that align seamlessly with its aquatic theme. Players can encounter Random Multipliers, potentially enhancing winnings by up to tenfold on any given spin. Additionally, Mystery Prizes come into play, especially when players are on the cusp of activating the Free Spins feature, raising the stakes of potential rewards. A standout feature of the game is the Growing Piranha Wilds, capable of expanding the game area, alongside a Trail and Collection feature that marks itself as a distinctive attraction.

Magnus Wallentin, Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, shared his enthusiasm for the game, citing the immersive experience provided by the Mystery Symbols, meticulous artwork, and multiplier potential. He is confident that Piranha Pays will resonate with fans of their aquatic-themed slots, thanks to its multiple winning ways and engaging gameplay.

Pirahna Pays base game

Pirahna Pays base game

Tech Specs and Bonus Features

Piranha Pays initially presents as a 5-reel, 4-row, 30-payline slot, with the potential to expand up to 8 rows high during free spins, thus offering up to 50 win lines. The game boasts an RTP of 96.20% and a maximum win potential of 5,000x the stake. The main attraction is the bonus game, allowing for expanded reels and increased paylines, complemented by a Roaming Piranha Wild that grows up to a 4×4 size, enhancing winning opportunities. The base game also offers a chance for random win multipliers up to 10x and instant prizes worth up to 20x the stake, ensuring a captivating and potentially lucrative dive into the piranha-filled waters of Piranha Pays.