Playtech backs ICRG's study on gambling's effects on marginalized groups in the U.S. and Canada

Playtech Champions Groundbreaking Research on Gambling's Impact in North America

Playtech has proudly announced its support for the International Center for Responsible Gaming’s (ICRG) ambitious research program. Renowned as a global leader in the study and education of gambling disorders, the ICRG has been rigorously selecting research projects for grant funding since 1996, all under the guidance of its independent Scientific Advisory Board. This esteemed board is comprised of top addiction specialists dedicated to advancing our understanding of gambling-related issues.

In a recent initiative, the ICRG has called for research proposals that examine the effects of gambling on under-served communities within the United States and Canada. This strategic effort aims to allocate funding towards impactful research in a vital area that has yet to be thoroughly explored. Playtech's contribution to this cause underscores its commitment to enhancing knowledge and developing stronger player protection strategies for these under-represented groups.

Arthur Paikowsky, President of the ICRG, expressed his profound appreciation for Playtech's generous donation, highlighting its potential to significantly advance the understanding of gambling's effects on indigenous populations in North America. He praised Playtech's dedication to responsible gambling and its role in fostering advancements in research that aim to improve gambling health outcomes.

Jonathan Doubilet, VP of US Business Operations at Playtech, reiterated the company's dedication to fostering a safer gambling landscape. He emphasized Playtech's support for research efforts that aim to mitigate gambling-related harms and strengthen protective measures for at-risk populations in the U.S. and Canada. Doubilet's remarks underline Playtech's enthusiasm for supporting the ICRG's research endeavors, which are poised to enhance player protection for vulnerable communities across North America.

Playtech’s engagement with the ICRG’s research initiative marks a significant advancement in understanding and addressing the complexities of gambling within under-served populations. By funding these crucial studies, Playtech is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that gambling remains a safe and enjoyable activity for all, highlighting its leadership in promoting responsible gaming practices and protecting vulnerable players.