Slotmill Online Slots Now Available at BetMGM Casino in New Jersey

Quick Intro

Casino game developer Slotmill is venturing into the US market by teaming up with BetMGM Casino in New Jersey, marking a significant step in its expansion efforts.

Following this strategic partnership, the duo has successfully introduced the game “Outlaws” to the New Jersey audience, with plans to unveil more engaging titles in the upcoming months. Slotmill's offerings are known for their superior-resolution graphics and innovative gameplay enhancements, such as “BURST MODE” and “FAST TRACK,” alongside a user-friendly interface designed to elevate the player experience.

With a robust player base exceeding 1.5 million active users, Slotmill boasts a diverse portfolio of online slots, including standout titles like The Brew Brother, Money Jar, and The Big Hit, promising a rich and varied gaming experience.

Slotmill's Ambitious Global Expansion Efforts

Slotmill's journey has seen it achieving regulatory approval across a wide range of jurisdictions, demonstrating its commitment to global reach and compliance. The company's games have been certified in key markets such as Malta, Canada, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Sweden, and the UK, underscoring its international appeal and adaptability.

To accommodate players from different parts of the world, Slotmill's games support an impressive array of 23 languages, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for a global audience.

Concurrently, BetMGM Casino has been proactive in establishing strategic alliances within the US, including a notable partnership with White Hat Gaming for launching Win Spin and a collaboration with X (formerly Twitter) to provide sports betting insights. BetMGM's expansive footprint extends to over 25 regions, with a commanding presence in states like Kansas, Ontario, Maryland, Louisiana, Illinois, and New York, highlighting its influence in the gaming industry.

Andreas Ternström, Slotmill's Chief Commercial Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with BetMGM, viewing it as a key milestone for Slotmill's entry into the US market. He looks forward to nurturing a long-term and fruitful business relationship with BetMGM, emphasizing the strategic importance of this collaboration in Slotmill's growth narrative.

“Partnering with BetMGM to introduce our innovative gaming content to the US, starting with New Jersey, is a pivotal moment for Slotmill. We are excited about the future prospects this partnership holds and are eager to continue expanding our reach, offering our high-quality, engaging slots to an ever-growing audience.”

Strengthening Slotmill's Footprint in the US Gaming Sector

The collaboration between Slotmill and BetMGM Casino signifies a strategic move to enhance Slotmill's presence in the US gaming industry, starting with New Jersey. This partnership not only introduces Slotmill's high-caliber games, known for their advanced graphics and interactive features, to a new market but also sets the stage for further expansion across the United States. As Slotmill's innovative titles like “Outlaws” begin to captivate New Jersey players, the anticipation for future releases grows, promising an exciting phase of growth and wider recognition within the US online casino scene.