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WOW Vegas Bonus – Habanero 10k Multi Race

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Social and Sweepstakes Casino Bonuses, Tournaments

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Bonus Info

The Habanero Holiday Spins is a promotional event offering participants the chance to win a share of an SC 10,000 prize pool. This event is centered around achieving the highest single-win multiplier in selected festive games.

Qualification Criteria

  • Duration: The event runs from December 7 (midnight PST) to December 13 (11:59 PM PST).
  • Objective: Players must aim for the highest single-win multiplier in one of the selected Habanero Holiday Spin games.
  • Leaderboard Ranking: The top 300 players with the highest win multipliers will be eligible for the prizes.

Prize Distribution

  • Total Prize Pool: SC 10,000, distributed among the top 300 winners.
  • Top Prizes: The first-place winner receives SC 350, second place SC 300, and third place SC 250.
  • Additional Prizes: Prizes range from SC 200 to SC 10, scaling down from the 4th to the 300th position.

Review and Advice

This promotion offers a substantial prize pool and a high chance of winning due to the top 300 players being awarded. Participants should focus on maximizing their single-win multiplier in the qualifying games to climb the leaderboard. It’s a great opportunity for players who enjoy festive-themed slots and are looking for competitive gameplay with significant rewards.

As always, it's crucial for players to gamble responsibly and within their means. Given the competitive nature of the event, maintaining a balanced approach to gaming is advisable.

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